COVID 19 Safety Response

Unchained STL Escape Rooms is committed to providing a fun and safe way for your household to go on an adventure, solve a mystery and complete an exciting mission!

At this time, we are taking additional safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Arriving escape room groups will have zero contact with other escape room teams. This means that our escape room time slots are limited! When you arrive, look for the Go/Stop sign on our door. If the red STOP side is visible, please wait in your car while we finish sanitizing after the previous group. The green GO side will be visible when its time to enter.

Our lobby, restroom and escape rooms are sanitized between each group. Our staff is wearing face masks for your protection.

We ask that you do not come if you feel sick or have a fever.

If you have any questions or additional needs, please email us at We are very excited to reopen and provide one of the safest ways to socialize with your private escape squad!

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