Holiday Specials

Hot Cocoa Bomb Break – Enjoy a 15 minute mingle, catching up on clues while sipping delicious hot cocoa bombs in warmed milk. Escape room timer is paused. 1 Cocoa Bomb Station (serves 6) $65 or 2 Stations (serves 12) $120.

Sleigh Time – Reserve an additional hour in Rudolph’s Misfits for an extended escape and mingle time total of 2 hours. $100

Engagement – This pipe is supposed to drop a key but watch what happens when it drops a ring instead! With your closest ones around and holiday magic in the air, let us make your proposal really POP! Includes an additional hour in Rudolph’s Misfits, digital pictures of the moments and 2 Unchained Escape T-Shirts.  $150

Classic Single Escape Room Party for up to 12 - $300 plus tax

Our Classic Party includes:

1 hour escape room for up to 12 guests

1 hour party space rental

OPTIONAL: Pizza and drinks for 12 guests – $39.99

Each additional participant – $22.50 plus tax

Takeover Unchained (groups of 19 or more) - $361 plus tax per hour

Our Takeover Unchained Large Group Rate includes:

Access to all 4 escape rooms

Friendly and engaging game masters

OPTIONAL: Pizza and drinks for 19 guests – $45.99

OPTIONAL: 1 hour party space rental – $49.99

Each additional participant- $19 plus tax


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